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About us

V&G Trustee draws on the strength of a unique team of long-standing experts, with Swiss roots and diversified expertise, to provide excellent advice on the use of trusts – a pivotal tool in family succession – legal protection, corporate governance and generational transition.

Since 1 January 2023, V&G Trustee has been subject to the Swiss licensing and supervisory rules of FINMA (Financial Markets Supervisory Authority) according to the new FinIA (Financial Institutions Act), which entered into force in Switzerland on 1 January 2020, and which guarantees its independence, professionalism, capitalisation, guarantee and risk control.

V&G Trustee’s team of professionals

VECO Group - Antonio Mandrà
Fabio Gaggini, Attorney at Law
Of Counsel, V&G Trustee

Founder and Managing Partner of the law firm Gaggini & Partners, a well-established professional with in-depth experience in complex litigation, commercial, corporate and banking law, as well as financial market regulation, both in Switzerland and internationally.

VECO Group - Monica Caspani
Monica Caspani
Director, Member of the Board of Directors, V&G Trustee, TEP

Senior Advisor of VECO Group, TEP, an expert on the institution of the trust and its uses in corporate governance, succession planning and generational transition.

VECO Group - Monica Caspani
Simona Gaggini, Attorney at Law
Member of the Board of Directors, V&G Trustee

Partner in the law firm Gaggini & Partners, a professional litigator and counsellor for natural persons and legal entities in civil, corporate and commercial law as well as enforcement and bankruptcy.

VECO Group - Davide Verga
Lara Pozzoli, Attorney at Law
Member of the Board of Directors, V&G Trustee

Partner in the law firm Gaggini & Partners, professional expert in succession, family, tenancy and labour law.

Our values

Built over time, trust is nurtured day after day thanks to the strong relationship created with the client.

A core value linked to the individual and the activities they perform. A principle that guides us in everything we do – looking to the past, the present, but above all to future generations.

Team spirit
That is, the ability to work together across disciplines with a single goal: customer satisfaction.

Looking to the future, but through the eyes of the customer – that is our biggest challenge.